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In 2016, Holm Dressler, celebrates "40 Years of Entertainment"!


With more than 2,000 prime-time productions he is one of the most successful producers and directors for big event-celebrations and television-programmes in Germany and in other countries of the world.

Some of his international event-productions were:

  • - "Wetten, dass?" (1981 - 1992) The most successful Television Show in Europe!                                   (Presenters: Frank Elstner, Thomas Gottschalk)
  • - "The Compaq Grand Slam Cup" (1984 - 1988) Annually open gala evening of a tournament with the best tennis-players of the world
  • - "International Fashion-Model Contest" (1992) produced and directed for RTL Television,                 Winner: Heidi Klum
  • - "Millionaire Wanted" (1996 - 2003) The first Television Show in Germany for candidates to become rich! (Presenter: Günther Jauch)
  • - "The Hostages of Costa Rica" (2001) produced as an international movie-production. Nominated for the award "The Best European Television Movie "
  • - "50 Years of Rock" (2004) Two Rock-Concerts produced for international TV-companies with the greatest rockstars of five decades (Presenter: Thomas Gottschalk)
  • - "Welcome To Athens" (2004) Co-Produced as a big opening gala evening for the Olympic Games 2004 at Athens for Greek and German Television (Presenter: Vicky Leandros)
  • - "The International Dance-Show from Qatar" (2005), produced for the "Culture Festival" at Doha/Qatar in order of the "National Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage" with the best dance-ensembles of the world. (Presenter: Erol Sander, Massuma Abdulkarim)
  • - "The Women's World Awards" (2006) Co-Produced with the former president of the USSR, Mikael Gorbatshev as the host of an international award-gala-evening 
  • -  "The Color Magic Show" (2009) directed for the Norwegian Cruise-Shipping-Line "Color Line" as a big event for naming the ship "Color Magic"
  • - "The Blue Angel" (2010) produced as a big Musical-Show in October and November 2010 at Leipzig/Germany
  • - The Fjord Trophy" (2010) directed for an image-film of  "Color Line", "Globetrotter" and "Landrover" as a big ralley competition through norway
  • - "The DIVA - Digital International Video Award" (2000 - 2012) directed as an annually Award-Event in Munich with international entertainment - and moviestars
  • - "The Life Goes On - Award" (2014) directed as an international Award-Event at the Vienna Hofburg
  • - "The Audi Generation Award" (2012 - 2015) directed as an annually Award-Event in Munich to honor new talents of sports, entertainment and movies
  • "The Final Countdown" - TV-Documentary about the cruise-ship "Aida Prima" (2016/2017)
  • "Goldene Sonne" (2018 and 2019) Creative Director for the annually Award-Event by FTI-Group
  • Porsche 911 Presentation at Showpalast Munich (2019)



Showreel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGNYVnmvhWk

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