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Holm Dressler (born December 13, 1949 in Hanover) has been one of the best-known television, film and event makers in Germany for almost 50 years. 

He started in 1972 as a cable carrier for NDR television in Hanover and was soon employed as an assistant director for large TV productions. 

With Frank Elstner he startet europe's most successful television show "Wetten dass?", which he later continued with Thomas Gottschalk. 

For Gottschalk he also designed the "Telespiele", "Na Sowas", and the first Late Night Show on German television. For Günther Jauch he was successful with "Na Siehste" and invented for him with "Millionär gesucht" - The SKL-Show " the first million-dollar show in German-speaking countries. 

Big TV shows with Blacky Fuchsberger (" Let's go"), Rudi Carrell ("Rudi's Holiday Show"), Dieter Hallervorden ("Hidden Camera") and Mikhail Gorbachev ("Women's World Awards") completed his work behind the cameras. 

As a director, Dressler directed well-known cinema movies (including "Three Little Jerks, Part 2" with Thomas Gottschalk, Deborah Shelton and Michael Winslow) and as a producer, he was responsible for many spectacular TV movies (including "The Hostages of Costa Rica" with Nina Hoss and "Prisoners in Yemen" with Peter Maffay). 

In addition, Dressler writes and stages large corporate events in Germany and abroad, such as for Porsche, AUDI and for the FTI Group. 

He is currently producing a daily talk show with Raphaela Ackermann, the sister of Thomas Gottschalk, for the TV channel "Welt der Wunder TV". 

As a guest lecturer, Dressler teaches "Producer", "TV Practice" and "Event Management" at various media academies and universities, and as a coach he gives assistance in rhetoric and motivation in media seminars. 

Holm Dressler has been running its own YouTube channel for 6 years under the title "Alles nur Show? Oder was? Holm Dressler erzählt!", (youtube.com/c/AllesnurShowHolmDresslererzähltwhich, with 18000 subscribers and 18 million views, is one of the most successful YouTube channels in the TV sector.

Lifetime Achievement Award "Goldene Sonne 2022" to Holm Dressler for the life's work  as producer, director and author, presented by FTI Group

Some of his international event-productions were:

  • - "Wetten, dass?" (1981 - 1992) The most successful Television Show in Europe!      (Presenters: Frank Elstner, Thomas Gottschalk)
  • - "The Compaq Grand Slam Cup" (1984 - 1988) Annually open gala evening of a tournament with the best tennis-players of the world
  • - "International Fashion-Model Contest" (1992) produced and directed for RTL Television,    Winner: Heidi Klum
  • - "Millionaire Wanted" (1996 - 2003) The first Television Show in Germany for candidates to become rich! (Presenter: Günther Jauch)
  • - "The Hostages of Costa Rica" (2001) produced as an international movie-production. Nominated for the award "The Best European Television Movie "
  • - "50 Years of Rock" (2004) Two Rock-Concerts produced for international TV-companies with the greatest rockstars of five decades (Presenter: Thomas Gottschalk)
  • - "Welcome To Athens" (2004) Co-Produced as a big opening gala evening for the Olympic Games 2004 at Athens for Greek and German Television (Presenter: Vicky Leandros)
  • - "The International Dance-Show from Qatar" (2005), produced for the "Culture Festival" at Doha/Qatar in order of the "National Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage" with the best dance-ensembles of the world. (Presenter: Erol Sander, Massuma Abdulkarim)
  • - "The Women's World Awards" (2006) Co-Produced with the former president of the USSR, Mikael Gorbatshev as the host of an international award-gala-evening 
  • -  "The Color Magic Show" (2009) directed for the Norwegian Cruise-Shipping-Line "Color Line" as a big event for naming the ship "Color Magic"
  • - "The Blue Angel" (2010) produced as a big Musical-Show in October and November 2010 at Leipzig/Germany
  • - The Fjord Trophy" (2010) directed for an image-film of  "Color Line", "Globetrotter" and "Landrover" as a big ralley competition through norway
  • - "The DIVA - Digital International Video Award" (2000 - 2012) directed as an annually Award-Event in Munich with international entertainment - and moviestars
  • - "The Life Goes On - Award" (2014) directed as an international Award-Event at the Vienna Hofburg
  • - "The Audi Generation Award" (2012 - 2015, 2021) directed as an annually Award-Event in Munich to honor new talents of sports, entertainment and movies
  • "The Final Countdown" - TV-Documentary about the cruise-ship "Aida Prima" (2016/2017)
  • "Goldene Sonne" (2018, 2019,  2021 and 2023) Creative Director for the annually Award-Event by FTI-Group
  • Porsche 911 Presentation at Showpalast Munich (2019)
  • "A Round Table for Elke Sommer", (2020) Talkshow for the actress's 80th birthday, for BR-Television
  • "40 Years of  Private Televison in Germany", Award-Gala on July 2nd, 2022
  • "Rising from the Ruins",  Documentary about the Lost Place "Berwanger Hof" at Berwang/Tirol (2022 - 2025)










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